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Worried About Wisdom Tooth Extraction? Don’t Be!

The final set of molars to emerge in a person’s mouth, typically between the ages of 17 and 25, are the wisdom teeth. Not everyone requires extraction of their wisdom teeth. The teeth may fully develop and present no issues. However, in some situations removal is required due to jaw discomfort, crowding, and/or significant decay or infection. If left untreated, decay in non-protruding (impacted) wisdom teeth can invade surrounding soft tissue, leading to bone loss in the jaw. This can result in severe long-term oral health issues. Therefore, it is essential to remove impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible to prevent long-term harm or – or possible tooth loss – in the future.

Do Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out?

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Wisdom Tooth Removals: How Does it Work?

Depending on the severity of each patient’s condition, a variety of anesthesia options may be considered before a patient’s wisdom teeth are removed. Dr. David Pringle, a tooth extraction expert at Wellington Family Dentistry & Implant Center, typically prefers to make an incision in the gum tissue close to the wisdom tooth before performing surgery. The tooth is subsequently removed from the socket using specialist oral surgery instruments, which are designed specifically for a wisdom tooth removal. Depending on the circumstance, your wisdom teeth will come out in one piece or numerous pieces.

After extraction, Dr. Pringle stitches the region in addition to using gauze pads to control any bleeding that may have occurred while the extraction was taking place. When it comes to quick, secure, cost-effective wisdom teeth extraction, Dr. Pringle and the staff at Wellington Family Dentistry & Implant Center are the premier options in northern Colorado.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Average Recovery Time

It’s crucial that you adhere to all of Dr. Pringle’s instructions regarding recovery and post-extraction care after having your wisdom teeth removed. This includes abstaining from any foods that might impede recovery. All things considered; however, wisdom tooth removals are a routine operation that typically takes less than two weeks to fully heal. Most patients are back to their daily routine after two to three days, with full recovery being completed on average in about two weeks.

Our wisdom tooth removals are faster, easier, and more pain-free than ever.

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